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Infant - Birth to 12 months

The infant program provides a loving and nurturing environment for birth to 12-month-old children.  This full-time program allows staff to help children develop a sense of security with their environment.


Our goals in the infant program include care, education and love. We provide gentle care to meet the daily needs of diapering, feeding, and sleeping.  By earnestly working to meet the infant’s basic needs, we create a healthy and safe environment.


We offer many different activities to enhance the infant’s educational experience.  Infants learn to explore in a safe and loving environment, at their own pace and in their own way.


The love we provide for the children is conducive to emotional and physical security.  We hold, rock, and spend one-on-one time interacting with the children.


Children learn through active involvement in play.  We provide experiences that allow children to succeed.  Children develop their senses and skills through exploring and playing.  The essence of quality care for infants and young toddlers depends on the intimacy a caregiver develops in the relationship with a child. Working towards understanding and generously meeting infants needs provides the best care possible for infants.  Teamwork between home and the infant room is vitally important.  The needs of infants are ever changing, which means communication among adults is the best way to support each child’s care and education.  Our promise to you and your infant is to provide quality care, education, and love.  We also make the transition to the toddler area easier on the children by initiating the bonding process early.  A shared group playtime with toddlers and new teachers alleviates the stress of separation from the infant area.

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