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​Toddler – 12 to 36 months

This program is designed to accommodate the development of self-help skills needed for children 12 months to 3 years.  The children are introduced to new and exciting sensory experiences.  A consistent program of developmentally appropriate activities helps to nurture a positive “can-do” attitude.


Teachers in the toddler area believe in the right of every child to a safe, nurturing, supportive environment where children can reach their full potential.  Our goal is to facilitate the growth of each child through a carefully planned curriculum encouraging children in each area of development.  Cognitive, emotional, physical, and social domains are developed using hands-on experiences and sensory activities focusing on the process, not the end result.  Each child is allowed to progress at his/her own rate in a developmentally appropriate environment based on best practices.


The program provides a well-balanced curriculum that includes teacher and child- initiated activities, large and small groups, active and quiet times, indoor and outdoor play, fine and gross motor fun, individual and group needs, and structured and unstructured activities. Children are allowed to choose from activities in various learning centers: art, blocks, dramatic play, language arts, manipulatives, music, reading, and sensory play.  The child’s ability to choose activities fosters a positive outlook toward the learning process. During this time of constant growth and exploration by busy toddlers, we encourage a “can do” attitude to promote many self-help skills and develop a healthy self-concept.  Washing hands, participating in toy cleanup, clearing their table space after eating, and potty learning are a few of the self-help skills we work on daily.


Since we believe that the child care center is an extension of the home, it is crucial that parents are closely involved in our program.  The transition from home to school has remarkable results when all parties have an open communication system.  A child’s self-esteem and happiness are greatly enhanced when the care and education provided by parents and teachers are a team effort.  Through the diversity of our program it is our hope that the children will value the uniqueness of the people around them as they meet the day to day challenges of life.

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